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    PR Visa

    Do you have a dream of migrating to Canada through a Canada PR visa? don’t worry our team of experts is ready to guide you to fulfill your Canadian desires in the best possible way.

    Job Assistance

    Are you in search of getting your dream job in Canada? Get the best job assistance from our experienced immigration to get best packages in a country like Canada.

    Work Visa

    Work visas are authorizations that allow people to enter another nation and work there. so get assistance from our experts to apply for a work visa in Canada, contact us now for the best guidance!!

    Accommodation Assistance

    We would personally help you, guide you, and assist you until you are satisfied with our services. By booking your flights in advance, you can take advantage of early bird specials with Sernexuss


    It is the most important step in this whole process because it can result in the rejection of a visa. We handle the complete documentation process for our clients to give them stress-free services.

    Tourist Visa

    A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Move a step ahead get your tourist visa done and let traveling become your therapy. Contact our experts to start your application process now!!

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    Worried about your Entrance exams? Don’t stress and just do your best. Exams are a part of life, so study hard and make your dream come true. contact our IELTS trainer to crack now!

    Study Visa

    Every year, thousands of students from all around the world choose a Canada student visa for higher education. Canada’s educational and immigration policies attract students, contact us for the best guidance.

    Post Landing Services

    You don’t need to worry about how you'll reside in the new country. we will guide you from the beginning until you are settled in your desired location, contact our specialists for assistance.

    Canada Is Welcoming 1.5 Million New Immigrants By 2025


    Canada has also recently announced that it will welcome upwards of 400,000 new permanent residents every year between 2021 and 2025. This is consistent with the premise that Canada is dependent on new immigrants to help the economy recover.

    Annual Salaries in Canada

    Information Technology $ 82,807 ₹ 44.8 lacs
    Legal $ 81,155 ₹ 44.2 lacs
    Engineering $ 79,347 ₹ 43.3 lacs
    Finance $ 71,883 ₹ 39.2 lacs
    Healthcare & Social sevices $ 66,635 ₹ 36.3 lacs
    Sales & Marketing $ 59,460 ₹ 32.4 lacs
    Construction & Maintenance $ 54,956 ₹ 29.9 lacs
    Childcare & Education $ 51,624 ₹ 28.1 lacs
    Accounting & Administration $ 51,275 ₹ 27.9 lacs
    Transportation $ 43,193 ₹ 23.5 lacs
    Art $ 38,374 ₹ 20.9 lacs
    Retail & Customer service $ 36,909 ₹ 20.1 lacs
    Food services $ 32,404 ₹ 17.6 lacs
    Shipping & Manufacturing $ 32,287 ₹ 17.6 lacs
    Hospitality $ 32,263 ₹ 17.6 lacs

    Apply Canada PR Process & Get Canada PR Visa from India

    Apply for Canada PR

    Do you know? Apply for Canada PR can be a difficult procedure, particularly for people who are unfamiliar with the country’s immigration laws. But right research and proper guidance can make your immigration process smooth and simple.

    Here’s a proper guide in order to help you comprehend the fundamentals of the Canada PR procedure:

    • Canada PR Visa from India
    • How to start Canada PR Process?
    • Apply Canada PR from India
    • Top 5 pathways to apply for Canada PR
    • Canada PR processing time

     Canada PR visa from India

    According to CIC Times Canada Population hits 40 million. So in order to apply for Canada PR Visa from India the applicant can submit a request on the nation’s government website once they determine which way is the best for them.

    To find the best personalized way to achieve your immigration desires is to get in touch with the best Canada PR Visa consultants in India that provides you with exceptional services for Canadian permanent residence.

    How to start Canada PR process?

    We can assist you to start your Canada PR visa process and get your visa in the first attempt; here are the steps to apply for Canada PR and to have in depth knowledge on Canada PR.

    1. Check your eligibility to start your Canada PR visa express entry process
    2. Complete your educational credential assessment
    3. Prepare for IELTS(language tests)
    4. Find your NOC
    5. Create your express entry profile
    6. Calculate your CRS score
    7. Get your invitation to apply
    8. Submit your documents
    9. Apply for Canada PR visa
     Apply for Canada PR from India

    One of the best routes to migrate to Canada is the Canada PR visa. For immigrants, to apply for Canada PR is now easier due to multiple aspects, including the personal freedom, job opportunities, various immigration routes, simple requirements, and many more. The immigrant will receive a permanent resident card with a Canada PR visa.

    You must follow these steps in order to apply for a PR status in Canada:

    • Hire an immigration consultant with a solid track record and high visa success rate.
    • To examine your language proficiency, take the IELTS test
    • Our experts will pre-assess your eligibility.
    • Start your application process by using the Provincial Nominee Program or the Express Entry Program.
    • Finish the paperwork process – Documents pertaining to education and professional experience must be authenticated.
    • Prepare your required proof funds so that you can demonstrate that you can pay for your cost of living in Canada.
    • Be prepared for a medical examination and a police record verification.
    • Submit your visa application.
    • Get ready to travel to Canada
    Top 5 pathways to apply for Canada PR

    Various immigration pathways to apply for Canada PR are offered by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    The most popular one’s are:

    • Express Entry Program: This federal online immigration program is point-based system.
    • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): The PNPs are provincial immigration schemes in Canada.
    • Investor/Entrepreneur Program: This Canada PR pathway is for investors and entrepreneurs who are ready to start new organization or to make an investment in the existing companies in Canada.
    • Self-employed Program: an individual with relevant work experience may immigrate to Canada, under the self-employed immigration program.
    • Family class immigration: For permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their relatives generally apply for the family class of immigration.
    Canada PR Processing time

    After you obtain your ITA (Invitation to Apply), the processing time for a Canada PR visa from India is normally 6 months. The time it will take to process a PR application can be predicted, but the time to acquire an ITA cannot.

    Additionally, the duration of time may change according on the immigration program you’ve applied for. In 2023, it won’t take more than six months to process a Canada PR visa; however can take additional period of time for you to get the ITA.

    Processing time provides an estimate of how long it will typically take to process an application. An application’s processing period begins on the day it is submitted and completes when you receive the final outcome.

    Are you ready to apply for Canada PR?

    One of the most welcoming immigration authorities in the world is found in Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, the Provincial Nominee Program, and the Family Sponsorship Programmed are just a few of the several paths the nation provides for obtaining permanent resident status.

    There are numerous advantages of becoming a permanent resident of Canada, including access to its social security, public healthcare system, and educational opportunities, as well as the freedom to live and work there indefinitely.

    • We’ve certainly guided you if you’ve been searching ineffectively for in-depth information about Canada PR, don’t you think? Now, why not consult with knowledgeable professionals to find solution of any remaining questions that may be lingering in your mind?
    • We are dedicated in providing reliable and legal visa assistance with a specialization in Canada PR application. You will get the best visa assistance from highly-experienced immigration experts who make sure to provide you with successful outcome.
    • We are one of the top immigration consultants in Delhi. Our experienced immigration professionals are exceptionally skilled and well-versed in all factors of immigration, be it laws, policies, methodology, or drifts in immigration.


    So apply for Canada PR now with the best immigration consultants in India!!

    Canada PR Visa from India

    Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

    Are you aware? In Canada, there are more than 1 million open positions waiting for you. Contact our experts now for the best Assistance.

    Top 5 Industries to Get Jobs in Canada

    To get a high-paying job, you don't need a Ph.D. or Master's degree to earn a respectable salary. The following occupations provide you with better salary packages and opportunities in Canada:

    Banking and IT Sector

    Education Sector in Canada

    Travel and Tourism

    Health Care Sector

    Manufacturing Sector


    Slots in IT Sector


    Slots in Banks


    Slots in Healthcare

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      Frequently Asked Questions from Our clients

      Do you also have various queries? and want to get best solutions. connect with our immigration experts to migrate to your preferred destination now!

      What is Canada PR visa?

      A Canada Permanent Resident Visa is a gateway to get permanent resident status in Canada. This is valid for 5 years, and it allows you to live, study, and work in Canada.

      What is Canada PR visa process?

      1. Fill out the online form. 2. Scan and upload the documents. 3. Pay your fees. 4. Submit your complete application. 5. Apply for Canada PR 6. Check your application status.

      Is IELTS necessary for Canada PR visa?

      Yes, IELTS is one of four language tests recognized by the government of Canada for immigration purposes. It is mandatory to write the IELTS exam if one is applying for PR, especially in Canada.

      What is the processing time of Canada PR visa?

      Officially, the IRCC claims to process the Canada PR application within six months, once the applicant has applied, cleared the express entry online process, and received the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR Visa.

      How to apply for Canada PR visa from India?

      Generally, the Canadian government invites candidates obtaining the highest CRS score to apply for a Canada PR visa from India every 2 weeks. After applying, applicants receive PR status within 6 months.

      Best ways to apply for Canada PR

      Express Entry and PNP are the most popular immigration programs to get Canada PR. Candidates that apply through the Express Entry system can receive permanent residence status as soon as six months.

      How to apply for Canada PR through express entry?

      You can apply for Canada PR through express entry, if you score 67 points or higher, you may qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Then submit a profile to the Express Entry pool.

      Can a student apply for Canada PR?

      Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers international students the option to apply for Canadian PR who wishes to migrate to a specific Canadian territory or province. Each province in Canada has its PNP requirements.

      Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR Visa

      Canada PR Visa from India
      Canada PR Visa from India
      Canada PR Visa from India
      Canada PR Visa from India
      Canada PR Visa from India
      Canada PR Visa from India

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