Canada PR Process from India

Canada PR Process from India

Do you have a dream to fly to your dreamland? Is Canada your Dream destination?  Even though people have a dream of migrating Canada, they don’t know how to apply for Canada PR process from India. Many people have trust-issues when it comes to migrating foreign countries; it’s hard for them to find a genuine immigration consultants.

Regardless of all the tension, we will provide you with best solutions to all the queries. India has various immigration consultants that provide trustworthy services to its clients.

 Apply for Canada PR Process

We are all aware of the word Visa, and even the uses of it, when we travel to any other countries, Visa is compulsory for it, though there are countries, which are Visa-free.

Nevertheless, when it comes to countries like Canada, Germany, Australia, and many others, it is mandatory to apply for visa. Now the question arises how we can get Canada PR from India. To get a Canada PR, it has some steps to follow to get a Permanent Visa of Canada. Before stepping forward to how to apply and the process of it, it is mandatory to know that Canada PR visa is valid for 5 years.

Canada PR issue to someone who moved to Canada from another country to reside there as a student for studies, or for job, we have to keep in mind that Canada PR is not for Canada Citizenship, but you can apply for Canadian citizenship after meeting the eligibility criteria.

Best Pathways to apply for Canada PR Process

In order to apply for Canada PR, here are the following ways:

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Immigration
  • Atlantic Immigration Program
  • Canada start-up visa

All these are the ways to apply for Canada PR process from India; one of the most used processes for the Canada PR is express entry.

Express entry is a wired system, which is used to manage Immigration applicants from skilled workers who wish to be Permanent residents of Canada.

Eligibility criteria to apply for Canada PR visa

The selection factors are:-

  • Language skills: 28 Points
  • Education: 25 Points
  • Work experience: 15 Points
  • Age: 12 Points
  • Arranged employment: 10 Points
  • Adaptability: 10 Points

Apply for Canada PR through Express Entry

In the express entry, there are 4 ways to apply for Canada PR Visa.

• Federal Skilled Worker Program
Express entry procedure is convenient and easy to apply compared to other steps. To get a PR, it has six selection factors, and each factor has some mandatory points to request for express entry, and the total sum of the factors are 100.

• Federal Skilled Trades Program
To apply for the federal Skilled Trades Program, you need to have experience in skilled trade work. This has some points as well such as language, which is considered to have an IELTS exam obligatory.

  • 2 years of full time work experience in skilled
  • According to National Occupational classification of jobs and responsibility should be as you had in skilled
  • Valid job offer of full- time employment of at least 1
  • Certificate of qualification in the trade, in which you have worked from Provincial Authority, Federal Authority, and Territorial

• Canadian Experience Class
Apply through this Program, need to fulfil 3 requirements.

  • Maximum 1 year of experience in
  • Legal work

If you meet these requirements, go with this process if you want to, it is your wish to apply for Canada PR from any process you want.

• Provincial Nominee Program
PNP is a most popular program, which is used to invite immigrants for Permanent residents. It has some points to keep in mind,

  • People want to be Permanent residents of
  • Education experience, skills and wants to work in
  • Meet additional requirements such as Saskatchewan

Some of the finest provinces in Canada to apply under this Program are:-

  • Alberta PNP
  • British Columbia PNP
  • Manitoba PNP
  • Ontario PNP
  • Prince Edward Island PNP
  • Saskatchewan PNP
  • Nova Scotia PNP
Why choose us to apply for Canada PR?

These are the programs through which you can apply for Canada PR from India, there are other programs as well, but Express Entry is one of the fastest methods to apply for Canada PR. So, the information available in the page is a conclusion of all over the Canada PR process from India.

However, immigrating to another country depending on your purpose can bring you many positive points toward your career like a good salary package, a suitable life as you ever wish it to be, health benefits, education, etc.

If you ever wish to Immigrate from India to Canada, then these steps will allow you to fly to your dream destination, and to fulfill your ambition the way you want. You can go through the page and can find the information that should be needed for Canada PR Process from India.

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