Planning To Apply for Job in Canada

Planning To Apply for Job In Canada

Apply for Job in Canada

Are you confused how and where to apply for a job in Canada? It can be a tough task if you don’t know how to plan for your destination job.

Yes, it is exactly honest that Canada IRCC has kept the ambitious immigration target for 2021, in which more than 400,000 new immigrants are welcomed for different job fields as well as has strategic to give work entry visa to more migrants in the next three years.

Just getting started with your half CV; mailing to different companies can be unsafe to start this journey. First, get yourself introduce to all the Canadian Immigration Programs which are considered to be smooth and fast in processing immigrants applications. As per record, 80% of the visa applications are sort out within three to six months.

We have come out with six parameters to help you get a job in Canada.

  1. Update CV/Resume
  2. Quality Researching
  3. Which Job Field Need Educational Qualification Accredited
  4. Apply to different companies
  • Online Job Portal- General  & Industrial
  • Informational Interview
  • Networking
  • Cold Calling

Update CV/Resume

Don’t hesitate or stress to work on your CV? Make your resume with accurate formats, styles, and relevant job field keywords content. Canadian Employers are interested in employees with good technical and soft skills individuals. You can highlight your past achievements rather than listing your past duties or for which company you worked.

Remember, it should be short and precise which is easy to read and understand. So, it’s a prerequisite for you to create and design your resume in a well-mannered layout to the job rule you are applying for.

Quality Researching 

Getting ready with your C.V or resume doesn’t mean you apply to 50 different companies without exploring. You have to give time for Quality Researching on different job roles and different companies. Look for the jobs which match your education qualification or experience that determine you will be the better employee for the job post.

Be prepared with three to five resumes or C.V, because nowadays hiring managers in companies communicate to each other which do not give the right impression of your resume profile.

You should connect to people (means relatives or friends of a friend) who are working in a Canadian firm to make you informed about the company, job roles as well as about vacancies to apply.

How to Apply for Different Companies in Canada 

Have listed several ways, how you can contact different companies using online job portals, informational interview, networking and cold calling.

Online Job Portal – There are two distinct job portals to apply for that includes General and Industrial websites.

General Job Listing Websites 

  1. Eluta – It is a job search portal that connects directly you to the Top 100 Canada Employer.
  2. Indeed Canada – This is a global firm which works with all kinds of industry and is considered to be a good place to start for seeking a job in different areas of nearby Canada Provinces too.
  3. Workopolis – For 15 years, Workopolis is helping small and corporate businesses to find a better candidate for them. You can find both English & French registered companies.
  4. Moving to Canada – Specifically designed for fresher employees who want to shift to Canada.
  5. Monster – It finds you a great job with help of experts who also offers good career advice to you.
  6. eJobba – Shows your job according to your education and skill with help of jobs ads in Canada
  7. Simply Hired – Give you both part-time and full-time job search result
  8. Wow Jobs – After posting your resume, this site shows you more than 100,000 jobs for finding an appropriate job for you.
  9. Career Builder – This site keeps you update about new job posting for different sector jobs.
  10. – It is a job site to make it easier for a person to get in touch with individual job boards by industry.

Industrial Specific Job Listing Website

  1. Toronto Jobs – If you are planning to get a move to Toronto, this job site will help you find a job in the city.
  2. Canada’s Association of IT Professionals – Yes, this website is only created for IT persons!
  3. Eco Canada – You can find Canada’s environmental jobs on this website and apply to your suitable company.
  4. – Here you can search for nonprofit organization jobs!
  5. Job boom– It shows you job posts available in Quebec.
Informational Interview

These days informational interview is an essential part of job hunting in Canada, it has become a new way to contact people in your relevant job fields.

You can use Google or LinkedIn for searching companies in your related job sectors. Find the people working there or hiring managers’ mail id and send a short email about yourself, skill and education qualification or work experience. Afterward in end, you can ask them for a short meet-up on coffee to discuss how your company works in Canada.

Getting in touch with that person you can ask queries about a company or how did you end up getting a job. Be in touch with that person he/she can revert back with a job offer.


Yes, you have heard it right! It is easier to get a job in Canada if you come up with a strong reference. Therefore, you need to reach out to different friends; family members, and people who are living there that can get you a possible employer contact. Later, this employer reference will get you a job.

Register in different events or seminars of Canada Company, to make yourself introduce to different peoples who can help you in getting a job. Network with tons of people as this is the only fastest approach to getting a work.

Cold Calling 

After spending a lot of time on making networking and gaining crucial contacts; make quick calls to employers. Give your introduction, inform about your skill plus education   background and work experience. And after a call send ‘Thank you’ mail for their offered help or guidance.

Be Calm and Determined till you get the job!

Which Job Field Need Educational Qualification Accredited?

If you belong to a profession such as nursing, teaching, and engineering then may need to prove that your educational qualifications are equal to Canadian Education Standards. The documents verification can be done from Educational Credential Assessment from self-governing third parties such as World Educations Assessment. It costs you about CAN$200 and takes 10 days to process. You may need to have a different form of accreditation if applying for teachers, the medical profession, physiotherapists, and social workers.

Finding a job in Canada & planning to shift to a new homeland can be a difficult route. We’ll provides Delhi Top Consultants to guide in planning your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). Additionally, assist with visa application, legal document, job assistance, post-landing, and many more.

You can Go & Explore the Canada Government website for more tips on how to seek a job. There you can found a list of jobs across the country with excepted requirements & salary in your relevant job sector.

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